Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Charlie Brown Cafe | Food Chronicles in Korea

On our way back to Seoul from Nami Island, we had to take the train and make several transfers. Korea's vast subway system houses different kinds of interesting shops and cafes. We happen to pass by Charlie Brown Cafe while we were in the Sangbong station. Sadly, the big Charlie Brown Cafe closed in Hongdae last year, so we were lucky enough to make a visit and have a try on what it has offer.

It doesn't have a big area as compared with the other coffee shops, but awfully cute indeed! If you grew up being a big fan of Peanuts, most especially of Snoopy, you'll definitely fall in love with the place with its very kiddie theme.

There is also a little corner where souvenirs can be bought.

Every corner is decorated with characters, wanting me to feel like a kid all over again.

For a quick snack, we shared over a bagel. The bread was soft and moist with hints of blueberry flavor in every bite. It comes with a butter, but eating it bare is better to taste the blueberry flavor more.

For our coffee fix, we had cups of Caramel Latte. I am not a frequent coffee drinker myself, but I loved their Caramel Latte version. The coffee flavor is not too heavy - just thin and sweet.

Charlie Brown says hi before we ate the Tiramisu cheesecake! I had to eat the part with his outlined face on it last 'cause I don't want to ruin the artwork just yet. The cake's flavor was light in general. Some tiramisu-flavored cakes usually tend to get bitter in the middle, but this one stayed constant all throughout. because the cocoa, coffee, and cheese blended smoothly and evenly.

The quick stop at this cafe was very helpful to warm ourselves up before we braved the cold again. "Charlie Brown wins your heart with his losing ways." -- True! I'll be looking out for a bigger cafe next time. Probably in Hong Kong or Singapore. Until next time, Charlie Brown Cafe!

Experience the goodness at:

Sangbong Station. Subway Lines 7 and the Jungan Line.
(Near the transfer point to the Jungan Line)

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